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Channel Letters Signs

5 Styles of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are custom signs Mississauga business owners love, because they feature just the letters of your business name. There is no background they sit on or other obstructions. This helps them to stand out and be more noticeable among other nearby signs.

Here at Signs Den, our sign maker Toronto can design a few different styles of channel letter signs. Here are the details on 5 styles of channel letter signs we make at Signs Den to help you choose the best one for your business.

LED Lit Channel Letters

Lighting can be either inside of the channel letter, or behind it. The main advantage of LED lighting is that it lasts for a long time so you don't have to change the bulbs very often, it's very bright so your customers can easily see it, and it costs very little to turn on and run for hours every day. This makes it ideal for outside signage at your business.

Bubble Type

These signs feature a bit more than just the letters of your business name or phrase. They will have an outline, called a bubble, around each word in your business name. You can also choose to have a bubble around the entire phrase if this better suits your style.

Marquee Type

Marquee type signs are those typical channel letters that have the bulbs showing from inside the channels. These are usually in the yellow incandescent light which gives an antique or old fashioned theme.   

Push Thru LED Lit Signs

These style of channel letter signs sit on top of a plain background so that they look as though they are pushing through their backgrounds. It's a great style to make your letters stand out and give them some dimension to catch the eye of your next customer, especially when back lit with the LED lighting.

Halo Lit Signs

Signs like this will give an appearance of the letters having a glowing halo around them when lit up. This makes the letters on the sign easier to read at night, especially from far away, such as when a customer is driving past on the road. This is the style to choose if you want your brand to have a luxurious feel.

Get Your Own Custom Signs Mississauga!

Looking for a custom sign maker Toronto area business owners trust? Then contact Signs Den today! We offer a variety of different styles of signs to help showcase your business quickly and easily!

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