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Laser Engraved Signs

Laser Engraved Signs Are Great for More Than Just Your Business Front!

Having clear signage is the best way to ensure your customers know exactly where to find you, whether they're driving past on the street, or trying to identify you among the other stores in your shopping center. But signs can also be useful for a variety of other reasons. Here are some ideas for how to use laser engraved signs in your business.

Order/Pick Up Here

When a customer walks into a quick-serve restaurant, they want to immediately know where to go, especially during busy times. Not only does this help manage traffic throughout the restaurant, it also goes a long way to making sure customers have a great experience. With clearly marked signs indicating where to place an order, and where to pick up an order, you can keep the customers flowing and happy.


Make it easy for your customers to find the restrooms with a large overhead sign. When they approach the doors, make sure they can quickly identify which is the appropriate one for them. You may even wish to clarify if the room is equipped with a changing table for families, or what to do if they find the door locked. You wouldn't want someone to be waiting outside for too long, thinking the room was occupied, just to find out they were supposed to come ask for the key!

Room Numbers

For large office spaces, rooms numbers and designations are very important for employees and guests. Clearly labeled room numbers help people quickly identify where they are going, while room designations such as "conference room" and "kitchen" ensure your meetings aren't interrupted by someone looking for a snack!


Clearly indicate how the flow of traffic is supposed to move through your space, and you'll save a lot of time and headaches. When you clearly mark the trash cans and indicate where their used dishes should go, customers can safely assume they are meant to bus their own tables. The same goes for where a line should start and end. This ensures everyone gets served in a timely manner and you don't have to hire extra employees to take care of these extra tasks.

Custom Metal Signs Toronto Business Owners Love!

Laser engraved signs can be made of metal or wood to suit your design style and brand guidelines. You can even make them stand out more with 3D signs Toronto area residents can easily see from far away. For more information about our custom signage options, please give us a call at 905-486-0072 or send an email to

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