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Lobby Signs

From Living Walls to Lobby Signs: How to Design a Reception Area That Wows


Welcome Your Visitors with a Fresh & Friendly Reception Area Sign


Your lobby or reception area says a lot about your business as a whole. After all, it's the first impression your guests or customers will see after they step through your doors. It's important to make sure it's a good one. Office design trends are always changing, but here are a few ways we've seen businesses get creative with their space to wow their guests.

Living Walls Lobby Signs

As we look to the future, many people are becoming more eco-conscious. This can mean doing work digitally instead of on paper, taking more effort to recycle, and even bringing plants into the office. To promote this, many offices have chosen to install living walls. These walls can be made from a flat panel covered in moss or ivy, a collection of pots attached to the wall that are growing plants or succulents, or even pots sitting on a shelf in a grid pattern. This brings a calming environment to your lobby area which is ideal for anxious or nervous guests, such as in a medical office.

Windows & Lighting

If you are able to design your own building, think about where to place windows to let in the most natural light from the outdoors. If you are moving into an already complete space, you may need to get more creative with your lighting options. You may even consider the use of mirrors and lights to make your space seem larger if you are working in a tight area. The idea is to have as much light as possible to brighten your space, make it seem larger, and contribute to employee and guest happiness.

Office Lobby Signs

Let your customers know they are in the right place from the second they walk through your door. Large reception wall signs that are placed opposite the front doors make sure that as soon as your customer steps inside, they can confirm they are in the right place. Whether this is on a wall in the waiting area, or above the reception desk, you'll want a sign that is cohesive with your brand while still being easy to read.

Custom Office Lobby Signs from Signs Den

Having unique lobby signs is what will set your space out from the crowd, let customers know they are in the right place, and bring visual appeal to your area. Please call Signs Den today to start designing your own custom reception wall signs! We have a variety of different styles to spark your imagination and can work with any budget or design requests. Call 905-486-0072 to learn more!

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