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What Are The Benefits of Visually Captivating Signage?

Updated: Feb 26

With faster internet connections come shorter attention spans. This has made it more important than ever for brands that wish to stand out to capitalize on every opportunity to make a great first impression.

Making use of signs of visually captivating signs

One effective way businesses can capture the attention of potential customers is by using visually captivating signage. Studies show that more people are likely to purchase a business's products or services if its signage is visually appealing.

This is because modern brands have gone beyond logos and colors to create an entire experience that promotes brand recognition. Signs, including exterior and interior signs, continuously advertise your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Signs advertising your products and services provide your business with an impactful first impression to prospective customers throughout the day. In most cases, your signage is the first thing customers see, so investing in a quality sign says a lot about your business.

Visually captivating signage can help boost your brand recognition and give your business an edge over the competition. When properly executed, appealing business signage has the potential to help you grow your customer base quicker than traditional advertising mediums like word-of-mouth marketing.

Choosing the right type of sign

Capturing the attention of your prospective customers requires that you invest in a sign that complements your brand while showcasing your products and services. A good example of this is the instantly recognizable arches of McDonald’s signage.

There are a plethora of signage designs, sizes, and materials in the market today and you can take advantage of these to create captivating signs that fall in line with your brand image.

Below, we have compiled a list of some different types of signs and their recommended uses:

  • Corporate offices – metal/laser-cut signs

  • Retail stores and salons – fabric signs

  • Restaurants, cafés, salons, and gift shops – metal logos and lettering signs

  • Hotels, resorts, and country clubs – rock signs

  • Fast-food restaurants, and pizzerias – awning signs

  • Bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes – neon lights and glass tube signs

  • Retail stores – digital signs

  • Channel letters - for outdoor signage

  • Tailoring shops, clinics, hospitals, and corporate offices – painted glass signs

  • Upscale retailers and boutiques – plywood signs

  • Custom signs - for 100% unique business signage

How businesses can use signs in their marketing efforts

By putting their name, logo, and contact information on things like creative decals, 3D magnets, and lawn signs, businesses can quickly introduce their products and services to potential customers.

Although there is no set rule for how your business signage can be used, there are several ways to maximize your return on investment. These include:

1. Chose a significant location for your signage

The person who coined the phrase Location! Location!! Location!!! certainly knew what they were talking about. A prime retail location, like a high traffic area, for example, can make all the difference for your sign. 

The more visible your signs the higher the guarantee that people will be drawn into your store bringing them one step closer to becoming paying customers. At the very least, you can maximize awareness of the products or services you offer.

2. Consider investing in moving signage

Modern technologies have seen the introduction of many useful developments including moving to advertise. Today, vehicles can be used as moving billboards for your signs exposing everyone to your company and contact information for a low cost. 

You don’t even have to wrap the entire vehicle to get noticed. There are car door magnets that can be placed on the doors or back of your vehicle and smaller window decals that pass the information across just as effectively.

3. Think outside the box

Irrespective of your marketing budget, there are many ways to maximize your investment in visually captivating signage just by being creative with the message and placement. Using signage in creative ways can help produce the desired results.

However, this may involve some trial and error. You can get feedback from your customers about their thoughts on your signs and how you can improve.

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