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What Are Directional Signs?

Updated 11 months ago 2 Min Read

Guidance signs tell people where to go. They help people traverse unfamiliar airports, hospitals, shopping areas, and highways. Directional signs are used in conjunction with other signage to provide a complete wayfinding system indoors and outdoors.

Directional signs usually have plain, concise messaging to help users decide where to go. Arrows, symbols, text, and hues can be used in static or dynamic designs. Some directional signs include the distance and estimated travel time to a location.

Wayfinding signs help people navigate hospitals and colleges. Wayfinding signs may be hierarchical to help users travel from general to specific destinations.

The regulatory sign informs drivers of rules like speed limits and parking limitations. Road and highway regulatory signs inform drivers and pedestrians of safety rules to prevent mishaps.

Informational signs include hours of business, contact information, and special events. In parks and museums, informational signs help tourists learn about the area.

Directional signs help people make their way in complex environments. They are important to any complete wayfinding system and are used in many settings to help users decide where to go and how to get there.

Signs Den can design and create attractive directional signage with custom logo and brand colors to help your business stand out.

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