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Elegant Frosted and Etched Glass Vinyl Privacy Room Divider Films

Updated 2 years ago 4 Min Read

Enjoy a dramatic office makeover with affordable custom etched or frosted glass vinyl window films

Room dividers or cubicles used to be constructed primarily of wood and metal or fiberglass. They were generally quite drab and uninspired. Today with increasingly sophisticated materials and décor options, cubicles, or privacy partitions are now available in stylish, aesthetically pleasing etched glass vinyl or frosted glass vinyl.

Etched or frosted glass vinyl window clings are one of the best solutions to modernize outdated office workspaces and add privacy and signage to storefront windows

Etched glass vinyl film

Custom etched glass vinyl decals can beautifully display your company name and logo, and add a bit of classy style to any office setting. Etched glass vinyl looks exactly like real etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Frosted glass vinyl window film decals can be designed to achieve maximum privacy or can be lightly frosted to allow for the most natural light. You can choose a plain subtle pattern, or a high-contrast, colorful, eye-popping design depending on your office décor and specific needs.

Frosted glass vinyl room dividers are considered one of the most contemporary and beautiful choices for office partitions, cubicles, windows, and doors where privacy is desired. They allow natural light to shine through and are easy to clean. Because they are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, designs, and prices, the films may be tailor-made to fit the space and match any décor style and color theme. Their main advantage over other types of partition or window treatment is that they let natural light into the room.

When choosing room dividers and office partitions, cost-effective solutions are important. Many outdated office cubicles and window treatments look dreary and often block natural light.

An important consideration when choosing office partitions is the amount of light that can enter the room. Some office partition options have the drawback of blocking ambient light into the room. If you install solid partition doors, you will block the entrance of natural light into the room.

In addition to cubicle privacy, custom window decals are also an ideal solution to storefront signage and decorative window privacy barriers. These are available for inside or outside window applications and may also be custom-fit to any size and shape.

By installing frosted glass vinyl office partitions that have windows cut out will serve the purpose of allowing ambient light to enter and pleasantly diffuse the light pattern in the room.

Signs Den can design and create customized vinyl film decals in any shape and size to suit the dimensions of your cubicles and windows. This is an easy and affordable way to modernize your office décor.

Frosted glass vinyl film decals are a perfect solution to make individual work areas look spacious and let in natural light while providing optimal privacy.

We can create custom film decals to fit existing clear glass or vinyl partitions, doors, and windows for an instant office upgrade.

Make an ordinary or outdated office look and feel newly renovated and refreshed with custom etched glass vinyl window decals, room dividers, and office privacy partitions

Frosted Glass Vinyl Privacy Decals

Room Dividers / Frosted Glass Vinyl

Frosted glass vinyl and etched glass vinyl window decals provide an upscale and stylish privacy window solution that will ensure maximum light, safety, and security, while beautifully displaying your company name, logo or welcome sign for your storefront window.

The film decals stick to any smooth, clean surface and do not require any adhesive, so they can be moved without damaging the surface.

Signs Den can help you design the perfect frosted glass vinyl or etched glass vinyl office cubicle room dividers, storefront signage, or privacy barrier to meet your needs.

Call Signs Den today! We serve Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas, including Oakville, Markham, Burlington, Brampton, Meadowvale, Riverview, Cooksville, and Erin Mills.

Etched Glass Vinyl Decals
Room Divider

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