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4 Different Types of Wayfinding Signage

Updated 3 years ago 5 Min Read

With creativity and imagination, signs can give your brand the perfect exposure!

Signs are the ultimate branding and marketing tool for businesses to achieve maximum benefits and to help visitors find what they need.

There several types of signage which won’t only grab the attention of people nearby but also deliver the perfect visual message about your brand, product and service right at the moment. You get this all 24 × 7, with one-time investment & long-term return. Explore our wide range of directional and wayfinding signage to get the best signs for your business and brand exposure. Sign Den serves Mississauga and the greater Toronto area, including Markham, Vaughan, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton.

Want to know more about this amazing signage? Keep reading…

Everything You Need To Know About Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage

To gain your business the right exposure, you need to know the creativity to use the marketing tool for the maximum consequences. This applies with the way finding sign too, for getting the little extra you need to know about it.

Therefore, here we are sharing this article that holds every detail about the way finding signage.

Wayfinding Signs – What Is It?

As the name suggests, way-finding signs help direct your clients, customer or visitors locate the area they need to find. It can provide answers to their questions regarding your business area with a simple graphics, arrows or labels, such as reception, customer service, rest rooms, or office. If you have many offices in your building, you may need name signs for each person or department. This will make it easier for your visitors and save you from having people wandering around to locate an area in your office, warehouse, schools, medical building, city government offices, or retail stores.

Uses of Wayfinding Signage

Way finding signs manages people whether walking or driving traffic to find their desired destination. For signage to be both effective and attractive, you need to mix up your creativity to get something extraordinary. This creative approach will let folks reach their place, and effectively put a positive impact on your business. Here are some ideas that you can use to create innovating wayfinding signage.

⦁ Use recognizable landmarks for better understanding.

⦁ Use left/ right signs for a better approach.

⦁ Choose the layout accordingly the size of your building or property.

⦁ Put a map of whole area or way finding sign to brief the visitors.

⦁ Use symbols, words or arrows or all of them.

While making signage, keep the layout of the sign similar and remain them consistent to remove the confusion thing.

Way-finding signs can be used to create customer-friendly space around your building or property. You can also use signs to make a sweet gesture to the customers or to make them feel relaxed, while they are coming in or going out of your store.

Make sure that signage will make them the place navigate easily. The most important thing is to keep the visual minimal and simple to ensure that it is easily clear regardless of their age group or ability. Browse more about Store Signs Mississauga that makes your business more attractive.

What Are The Different Types?

Different Types Of Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signage can be divided into four categories namely: information, identification, directional and warning. Each of them has its own uses, effectiveness and supreme look.

To know more about these signs scroll down the next section:

#1. Information Signs

These wayfinding signs deliver the information that needs to be known about that specific place. These signs usually inform customer where they are at and what can they find there. The signs brief them about the particular area, so they can acknowledge them about the rest area and their details. For example- staircase signs, highway signs etc.

#2. Identification Signs

These are the signs that indicate certain service or feature for acknowledgement of the customer. It can be washroom sign, change room sign, conference room, reception area, waiting room or an information kiosk. These sign usually draw the attention of customer towards the thing that they might need to identify for a better experience at your business place.

#3. Directional Signs

In all the four types of way finding signs, the directional signs own the broadest spectrum. It lends a full view of your property in a specific manner to seem it fit. These way finding signs can often take the form of maps of feature and facility can also include the road to move out. The point of view and the amount of area illustrated in the map may accordingly the location of the map.

#4. Warning Signs

This way finding sign has only one purpose to make customer alert of threats in the area. It can be a lot of things like stairwell signs, wet floor signs, fire safety signs and all other forms of signage. This delivers its purpose by warning people around as well as marking safety feature in the surrounding. The warning signs are not only beneficial for others but are the requirement of any business or story to ensure safety. While creating this sign make sure it is extremely visible.

Need Wayfinding Signage For Your Business?

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