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Wayfinding Signage And Your Business

Updated: 6 days ago

Wayfinding signage is a visual marketing tool that tells people how to reach a destination. Designed to be easy to understand and follow, these signs can help businesses build brand recognition. These signs are also known as identification signs, and they are most commonly used in municipalities and offices. They are especially useful in large businesses, where these signs keep the area organized and prevent chaotic crowding.

Signage should have the right size and visual appeal for users to find their way. It should be simple to read, but it must also be legible. This is why signage should be branded with the company's colors, which makes it easier to identify different parts of the location. It should also have a consistent order of information.

A business may require special personnel or special PPE for certain areas. These areas are often dangerous and should be clearly identified by signage. It is also a good idea to have directional signs in these areas, which can point people in the right direction and keep them on the path. Exits also require directional signage.

There are four major types of wayfinding signage. The first type is informational, which aims to provide information. The next category is directional, which provides directions and can be vague or specific. It can also include a map of the facility, such as a map of all roads, or simply a compass to help users find their way. The type of wayfinding sign that you use will depend on your specific needs.

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