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Wayfinding Signage And Your Business

Updated 1 year ago 3 Min Read

Clear and concise signage creates a positive experience for your customers and visitors, and helps ensure they find what they are looking for quickly.

Wayfinding signage is a visual marketing tool that tells people how to reach a destination

Designed to be easy to understand and follow, these signs can help businesses build brand recognition. Also known as identification or directional signs. This type of signage is especially useful in large businesses to keep areas safe and organized, and prevent chaotic crowding.

Signage should have the right size and visual appeal for users to find their way

Directional signs should be simple to read and easily legible. This is why signage should be branded with the company’s colors, which makes it easier to identify different parts of the location. It should also have a consistent order of information.

A business may require special personnel or special PPE (personal protective equipment) for certain areas. These areas are often dangerous and should be clearly identified by signage. It is also a good idea to have directional signs to point people in the right direction and keep them on the path.

For large buildings and parking areas, entrance and exits should always be clearly identified with easily visible signage.

There are generally four types of wayfinding signs:

  1. Directional Signs: These signs are used to indicate the direction to a specific location or destination. They may use arrows or other symbols to guide people in the right direction, and they are typically placed at key decision points such as intersections or building entrances.

  2. Identification Signs: These signs are used to identify specific buildings, rooms, or other areas within a space. They may include room numbers, building names, or other identifying information to help people find their way.

  3. Informational Signs: These signs provide information about a space, such as maps, directories, or schedules. They may be placed at key points throughout a building or space to help people understand the layout and how to get around.

  4. Regulatory Signs: These signs provide information about rules, regulations, or other legal requirements. They may include signs indicating speed limits, no parking zones, or other restrictions that people need to be aware of when navigating a space.

Overall, each type of wayfinding sign serves a specific purpose in helping people navigate both outdoor and indoor areas to find what they need.

A combination of these signs can help create a comprehensive and effective wayfinding system. Add custom branding to

Signs Den can help design and create beautiful and functional signs for your business.

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